Institution Innovation Council (IIC)

To achieve recognition as an institution of excellence in the innovation promotion ecosystem and disseminate the culture of entrepreneurship on the campus.
  • Conduct periodic workshops/ seminars/ interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals in order to expose and promote innovative thinking
  • Network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organizations
  • Organize idea contests to showcase the innovative ideas
  • Define and direct focused technical innovations targeting national priorities
Sr.NoName of Person

Member Type

(Teaching/InternalExpe rt/External Expert)

Key Role/Position assigned in IIC
1.Dr. S. H. DabholeTeachingHoI
2.Mr. A. V. VharambaleTeachingPresident
3.Mr. S. H. DeshmukhTeachingVice – President
4.Mr. N. S. SawantTeachingConvener
5Mr. A. A. WalwadkarTeachingIPR coordinator
6.Mr. S. L. PandeNon-TeachingARJIA/NIRF  coordinator
7.Mr. D. P. JagtapTeachingInternship Activity coordinator
8.Mr.V. S. GavaliTeachingSocial Media   coordinator
9.Mrs V. A. PatankarTeachingStartup Activity coordinator
10.Mr. S. B. YadavTeachingIncubation coordinator
11Mr. P. S. JadhavTeachingMember
12Mr. K A. ValivadeTeachingMember
13Suryakant Rajaram DodmiseExternal ExpertIncubation Centre
14Prof.Dr.Yuvraj M.PatilExternal ExpertThe expert from Nearby Institute
15Dr. HarlapurkarExternal ExpertThe expert from Nearby Institute
16Mr. G. N. MunishwarInternal ExpertExpert form Industry
17Dr. P. K. DesaiExternal ExpertISTE Chairman
18Er. Sudhir HanjeExternal ExpertExpert form Civil Industry
19Mr. Sanjeev GokhaleExternal ExpertPatent Expert
20Mr.Vivek U. LalitExternal ExpertBank/Investor
21Dr.Ravindra B KumbharExternal ExpertExpert from Nearby Institute
22Student RepresentativeStudentInnovation Coordinator
23Student RepresentativeStudentInternship coordinator




IIC Cell Formation